"Special Education and Rehabilitation"
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General information
The journal “Special Education and Rehabilitation” publishes original scientific papers, review articles, science communications, scientific reviews and debates from all areas of special education and rehabilitation, as well as related fields of science, provided that they were neither previously published elsewhere nor are in the reviewing process. The journal also publishes professional translations, reports, reviews, bibliographies, letters to the Editor, and other manuscripts relevant to the field of special education and rehabilitation. Papers accepted to be published in “Special Education and Rehabilitation” cannot be published in any other journal. All submitted papers go through the reviewing process. The papers are published in Serbian and/or English.
By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree with their paper being checked for plagiarism. The authors should bear in mind that verbatim quotations cannot be longer than 350 characters. A written permission from copyright owners has to be submitted for longer quotations.  Each quotation, regardless of length, should be followed by appropriate reference with page numbers.
The Editorial Board is not obliged to publish papers in the order in which they are submitted.

The manuscript may be provided to the Editorial office by e-mail address: casopis@fasper.bg.ac.rs

Authors of a scientific publication are generally considered to be those who participated in all stages of manuscript preparation, from paper conceptualization, analysis and interpretation of data, to critical evaluation of the final version sent to the Editor in Chief. Data collection, research funding, general supervision of the research group alone, and other similar contributions do not constitute authorship, but can be listed in the acknowledgments section. If a paper resulted from a project, the title and number of the project, as well as financial support should be acknowledged.  The acknowledgment section should be at the end of the first page. The Editorial Board of “Special Education and Rehabilitation” will fully meet the ICMJE authorship criteria (www.icmje.org). One paper cannot have more than six authors.
Authors who include previously published illustrations in their papers, either in part or in full, have to submit the publication permission from copyright owners.

Ethical standards
If research includes human subjects, the authors are obliged to follow the Helsinki Declaration principles (www.wma.net/en/30publications/10policies/b3/17c.pdf). The authors are also obliged to obtain an informed consent for research participation from the subjects and/or their parents or guardians prior to testing.

Paper structure
All manuscripts should be submitted online to the Editor in Chief who then forwards them to reviewers. The Editor in Chief may reject a paper in the first phase if the paper does not conform to the journal’s policy either in form or in content. The editor has to contact the author within two weeks of the paper submission. All manuscripts are reviewed by two anonymous reviewers within three months of the paper submission. The title page should be submitted separately for the purpose of providing a double-blind, anonymous review. The title page should include the author’s name, surname and title, and institutional affiliation.  Corresponding authors should include their email address and phone number. This information should not be included in the main document. Names and surnames of local authors are submitted in their original form with Serbian diacritical marks, even if the manuscript is written in English. The authors should include the full name of the institution of their affiliation in hierarchy (e.g. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Belgrade). At least one organization of the hierarchy has to be legal entity.
The main document consists of the publication text. Papers are written in Serbian or English, in Microsoft Word. The font type should be Times New Roman, size 12 points, with spacing 1.5 lines, and margins set at 2cm. The authors are asked not to submit papers in Word 2007 (.docx). The papers should not exceed 30 000 characters with spaces (not including the references).
The title should be short and informative, and should not exceed 200 characters with spaces. Abbreviations and subtitles should be avoided. The title should be in capital, bold letters, font size 14 points.
The paper should include an abstract in Serbian and English (from 100 to 250 words), and 3-5 key words. Abstract and key words should be in italics, font size 10 points. The abstract should include the following: introduction, aim, methodology, results and conclusions. It should provide information on the research subject, methodological design, main results and conclusions of the research.
Apart from the Introduction, original scientific papers should include the following: Research Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. The format of the paper should conform to the IMRAD format standardized by APA.
Tables and charts should be drawn in Word, or converted to Word if generated in a statistical package. Tables and charts cannot show the same data. They should be numbered and titled. Tables, charts and pictures from other sources can be used only with the author’s permission. Each table, chart or illustration should be numbered, placed on a separate sheet of paper, and cited in the text.
The references are cited by giving the author’s surname and year within parentheses in the text, and an alphabetical list of references following the text. If there are more than two authors, only the first author is cited in the text followed by et al. (for references in foreign languages) or sar. (for references in Serbian). All authors (or, if there are more, the first six authors) are cited in the list of references. Footnotes can provide additional information about the cited sources but cannot replace a reference.
References are cited according to The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition. References of articles published in journals should include full surname and the initial of the author’s first name, year of publication, title, volume, issue, and page number. Only the first letter of the article title is capital, except when the title includes nouns which are written in capital letters. The journal title and volume should be in italics.

Articles with one author:

Smith, T. (2011). Intellectual disability and autism. Journal of Developmental Disability, 61 (2), 35-45.

Articles with two authors:

Smith, T., & Cohen, B. (2011). Intellectual disability and autism. Journal of Developmental Disability, 61 (2), 35-45.

Articles with 3-6 authors:

Smith, T., Bishop, L., Graham, S., & Cohen, B. (2011). Intellectual disability and autism. Journal of Developmental Disability, 61 (2), 35-45.

Book references should include full surname and the initial of the author’s first name, book title (in italics), place of publication, and the publisher. The first letter of the book title or subtitle is capital.

Book references:

Howlin, P. (2011). Visual impairment. New-York: McGraw-Hill.

References of book chapters should include full surname and the initial of the author’s first name, year of publication, chapter title, editors, book title (in italics), page numbers in parentheses, place of publication and the publisher.

Book chapters:

Harris, M. (1999). Perceptions of rapid movements. In T. Mitchell, S. Potts, & D. Ford (Eds.), Cognitive psychology (pp. 205-222). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Web references should include full surname and the initial of the author’s first name, year, document title (in italics), access date, and web address.

Web references:

Kauk, M. (1994). Einstein syndrome. Retrieved May 22, 2010. from http://einstein-syndrome.com/einstein-syndrome.



Editor in Chief:
Doc. Vesna Vučinić, PhD

The Editorial Board:

Prof. Milica Gligorović, PhD
Prof. Nadica Jovanovic Simić, PhD
Prof. Vesna Žunić Pavlović, PhD
Prof. Svetlana Slavnić, PhD
Prof. Daniela Ilić Stošović, PhD
Slobodanka Antić, MA

International Editorial Board:
Doc. Mira-Arsova Tsvetkova, PhD, University of Sofia "St. Clement Ohridsky", Bulgaria,
Prof. Igor Leonidovich Trunov, PhD, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia
Prof. Zora Jačova, PhD, University "St. Cyril and Methodius " Skopje, Macedonia
Prof. Viviana Langher, PhD, University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy
Prof. Tina Runjić, PhD, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dr Ingrid Žolgar Jerković, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Vassilis ARGYROPOULOS, PhD, University of Thessaly, Greece


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